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TechShop Fever Scanning Cameras

In a year where businesses worldwide have had to re-think their practices and the find the best way operate their business in a new COVID safe way, LSV Group has been focussed on finding a way to aid the recovery of the audio-visual market and the larger entertainment and event industries behind them.

With not only their established dealer network behind them but also the technical know-how of their extensive product range a realisation was made that their skill set and knowledge could be used to help find a way for the industry to re-open safely.

In steps the TechShop T1 and Tpro thermal imaging cameras. The latest advancements in thermal imaging makes the readings extremely accurate and user friendly.

The T1 is a lightweight, handheld thermal imaging camera. It is a similar design to standard temperature readers that you buy over the counter at any pharmacy but is much more accurate, waterproof, rugged and rechargeable.

The user simply points the T1 at their patron/event attendee and clicks the trigger. The user is instantly shown a thermal image with a body temperature on the 5” coloured outward facing LCD screen. The bright LCD screen makes it viewable in direct sunlight and is perfect for low traffic scenarios.

It’s rugged exterior means it can live up to day to day use by rougher industries such as construction, environmental workplaces or dusty warehouses which could not only help support the re-establishment of the events industry but our economy as a whole.

But what about if you were after something more automated? Something that can scan a wide area without human intervention? Take a look at the TPro thermal imaging camera.

Consisting of two cameras in one, the TPro can scan a 10mx10m area for thermal heat signatures. The TPro system consists of a camera unit and Nuc PC. Being a ‘plug and play’ system, the TPro camera simply plugs into the supplied Nuc PC via USB. The Nuc PC can then be plugged into and TV or display supporting HDMI with a resolution of 1920×1080. When the Nuc is supplied power, it boots up to a nicely designed screen that shows the two camera views side by side. On the left, a full colour live camera view and on the right, a live thermal image of the surrounding area.

As passers-by walk into the camera view, the TPro uses facial recognition to detect a headshot of a human being and instantly read their body temperature. This is a pretty incredible feature considering that this can take place while the subject is moving through the field of view of the camera.

If the Tpro detects a temperature that is higher than the maximum set temperature, an on screen and audio alarm is triggered to raise the alert so a safe intervention can take place.

“We want businesses to feel safe and have peace of mind when reopening their doors” says technical sales representative John Stanley. “What better way to do that than to scan members of the public right when the front door opens. The minute anyone steps foot off the street, our technology scans their body temperature. We see this technology being implemented in a wide range of industries where businesses rely on human interactivity.

LSV Group have already begun to roll out both the T1 and TPro cameras to the retail sector in preparation for their doors to reopen.

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