HDFury X3



No HDMI? No problem! The HDfury X3 upgrades any TV or projector by adding HDMI! Works with any display that accepts either Component (YPbPr/YCbCr) or RGB/VGA! Don’t be stuck watching Blu-ray, DVD, Satellite/Cable at only 480p! Add an HDfury X3 and watch hi-def at up to FULL HD 1080p resolution!

Plug And Play

Without an HDMI input your display will be limited to 480p in most cases – that’s only 1/6th the resolution of 1080p FULLHD! You need HDfury X3 to unlock the full potential of your display! Why buy an expensive new HDTV when your existing one works perfectly well? Enhance your display’s compatibly and value with HDfury X3!


Input: 2 x HDMI v1.3 (DVI 1.0 compatible)
Switch: Auto / PortA / PortB
10-bit deep color HDMI native support
Output: VGA FEMALE output connector, 10 bit analog resolution.
HDCP supported (Integrated HDCP decipher engine, Pre-programmed HDCP key)
Horizontal shift capability for RGB output mode
Enabled with a dip-switch, applied with push-buttons
Output sync polarity selector for RGB modes (dip switch)
Output format: Either RGB or YPbPr, dip-switch selectable
YPbPr requires VGA->3RCA breakout cable
All HD/SDTV formats from 1080p down to 480i, NTSC and PAL
Including 1080p @ 72Hz PAL and NTSC (for RGB output only)
Including 1080p @ 24Hz PAL and NTSC
11-bit 225MHz DAC processing (for true 10-bit analog output)
Two separate Internal EDID EEPROM with complete CEA861 extension block
Dip-switch selectable
One EDID supports all formats


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