IEC Lead

  • Fitted with IEC-C13 connector and Australian 3-pin mains plug with insulated pins compliant with AS/NZS3112.
  • Electrical Safety Authority Approved.
  • 3 Pin Plug to IEC Female



Black IEC lead with flexible PVC outer and insulated Australian piggy back plug

IEC cables are the standard for connecting power supply to electrical devices up to 250 volts. IEC power leads are most often used for connecting computers to a power source, with a standard set of inlets and country-specific cords. Designing these to plug-in separately rather than designing them into the computer, UPS, or other device allows the manufacturer to build the units all at once and ship them to each country with their specific power cord.

Plugs: IEC/ 10A
Cable: 15A (1.5mm²) cable Flexible PVC outer
Lengths: 1m, 2m