Tekko Industries 30m Low Latency 4K Wirelss HDMI extender

  • 4K30Hz and uncompressed transmission
  • 30m wireless transmission
  • Low Latency
  • High anti-interference ability with 60GHz technology
  • Lighting, surge and ESD protection
  • Plug and Play


Transmitting your HDMI source has never been easier. The TI-55848 from Tekko Industries makes wireless HDMI sending a breeze!
Simply plug in the TX transmitter to your source (eg. Laptop, PC, Blu-ray player) using a standard HDMI cable. Then plug in the RX receiver to your TV or monitor. Enjoy 4K video content transmission over a maximum distance of 30m.
Both TX and RX can be conveniently powered by USB at both ends!