ASK pro set

Compact, yet powerful and easy to use


Performance and convenience

RGBlink ASK™ collaboration system takes screen sharing to a new level for laptops, tablets and mobile devices.
Simply connect a compact ASK transmitter to a Windows or macOS device for fast, driver free connection to an ASK Receiver display with low latency, high frame rates, full colour gamut video, and without any compression or image loss. Other devices, simply connect with MiraCast or AirPlay.
Display up to four devices on the display connected to an ASK Receiver and collaborate even further with the built-in Whiteboard features .
Connect multiple ASK Receivers to extend collaboration to multiple large screen displays, making ASK ideal across meetings and conferences, education and integration with live streaming events.

Touch to Share

Enabling screen sharing is as simple as touching the surface of an ASK transmitter, with a variety of operation states possible.

Just ASK

ASK Transmitters pair automatically with the
Receiver with no user intervention required.
Making use of Wi-Fi MIMO technology the ASK
Receiver ensure a quality stable connection.
Mobile and other devices simply connect the to
ASK and use device standard MiraCast or
AirPlay screen sharing

TAKE Control

Hosts or key presenters are able to control sharing controls, set focus and modes, as well as take advantage of Whiteboard features.

Flexibility built in

Compact, yet powerful and easy to use, ASK systems enable screen sharing and presentation
applications for everyone. With no-lag full fidelity video up to 4K, presentations are immediate
and engaging.


● Set contains an ASK mini 4K Receiver and two ASK me 2K Transmitters
● Share, Project Cast from any device
● Support 4K display for collaboration & sharing
● Latency as low as 100ms  
● Encrypted stable wireless MIMO connections
● Up to 128 connected users
● Share up to 4 screens simultaneously  
● Zero Configuration Auto-Pairing for computers
● Link up to ten ASK Receivers
● Compatible with all OS platforms including Windows, macOS and Linux
● Share wirelessly from mobile and other devices with MiraCast or AirPlay
● Simple touch control to share from ASK Receivers
● ASK Receiver includes built-in Whiteboard feature 
● HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 Compliant
● Convenient mounting and storage features

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