X1 pro e

Essential 4k scaling and splicing


Endless Possibilities

Essential 4K Video Scaling and Splicing, X1pro e features four 2K DVI outputs providing a full 4K split from 4K inputs.X1pro e offers multiple operation modes to extend usage application beyond 4K split to splicing applications including 8Kx1K, 2Kx4K and more.

Flexibility at it's finest

Ideal for a range of usage applications, the X1pro e is ready with the flexibility of multiple operation modes, enabling display solutions from conventional 2K with presentation modes, through to 8Kx1K splicing mode. 

4K Inputs and Outputs

X1pro e includes popular DVI and display port inputs supporting 4K with DVI2 also supporting HDMI HDCP.

With standard outputs to quad DVI connectors, the X1pro e is ready to connect to common LED screen systems facilitating pixel-to-pixel splicing accross multiple outputs.

Multi-Mode Operations

From 2K Preview mode, 4K1K Preview, 4K Split, right up to independent Matrix mode.
The X1pro e is flexible for any application 


●  Up to 12 splicing mode include 8KK and 4K pixels to pixels splicing
●  Pixel-to-pixel scaling
●  Independent scaling
●  Multiple operation modes including 2K and Dual 2K preview
●  Seamless switching
●  Redundant outputs and hot back up facility
●  Test patterns built in 
●  Compact 1U housing
●  Support 4K input in DP1.1a or Dual-link DVI(HDMI 1.4 compatible) format
●  Support multiple layers during splicing
●  Quad-modes applications for different kinds of event

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X1pro e Manual
X1pro e Datasheet
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