Visual Productions plug-in for Q-sys

q-sys plugin
The support of open protocols like UDP and OSC in the Visual Productions controllers places them in an ideal position for integration in AV systems with 3rd party devices.

This article describes how to add automated lighting to a Q-SYS AV system triggering the Visual Productions CueCore2 solid state lighting controller.

Manufacturer QSC launched Q-SYS some years ago. The Q-SYS Audio, Video & Control Platform integrates audio, video and control into small to larger, easy to operate systems.


 As the requirements for even more versatility have been growing, Q-SYS can also integrate and control 3rd party devices: integrated lighting control is now possible with Visual Productions’ lighting control solutions like CueCore2. CueCore2 is a 2 universe solid state lighting controller that can be controlled over the network by UDP, TCP, HTTP and OSC messages. 

Once a CueCore2 has been programmed to perform specific lighting tasks, the Q-SYS platform takes care of triggering CueCore2 when controlling a fully integrated system, such as a meeting room, theatre or cinema.  


Let’s discuss a typical example. Imagine we have a fully equipped meeting room with a nicely designed touch screen as the user interface to a host of audiovisual equipment. Now let’s start a presentation! Pushing only one button will close the blinds, lower the projection screen, switch on a projector and amplifier, select the right inputs and fade most lights to 50% and the lights in front of the screen to 10%.

When focusing on our part of the job, the lighting, assume we have programmed the CueCore2 earlier using its web interface: we created cues, added these to a playback, set fade times and programmed triggers.


Now Visual Productions have created a plugin to be certified with the Q-SYS Platform. The plugin will be included in Q-SYS Designer, and can be found in the Schematic Elements > Plugins section of the Q-SYS Designer interface.


This plug-in allows you to tailor the CueCore2’s behaviour to your system. Once configured, it ‘translates’ the messages sent by the touch screen user interface, through the Q-SYS Platform or Q-SYS Core processor, to the CueCore2 lighting controller. If a message is received, CueCore2 will act accordingly by starting a playback, jumping to a cue, changing a playback’s intensity, etc.

More integration options

Visual Productions’ lighting controllers may be integrated with other control systems as well: CueCores2 and LPU-2s are working closely with Atlona Velocity, Xilica, Crestron, AMX and other brands, either using a special driver or plugin, or by using CueCore2′s or LPU-2s extensive API, specified in the user manuals. For more information please contact Visual Productions here.