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TechShop Fever Scanning Cameras

In a year where businesses worldwide have had to re-think their practices and the find the best way operate their business in a new COVID safe way, LSV Group has been focussed on finding a way to aid the recovery of the audio-visual market and the larger entertainment and event industries behind them.

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HD Fury release ground breaking HDMI Solutions

The new HDfury hardware generation is now available ! Discover Maestro, Diva and Vertex² ultimate features below. They all have 4 inputs with world exclusive TMDS switch allowing to autoswitch any sources including ATV4K, X1X, Shield and any others that keep sending +5v in standby mode and that no other switcher on the market can autoswitch.

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Venue Override

This article describes the ‘Venue Override’ application with Visual Productions’ CueCore2 (or QuadCore) and B-Station. Maybe you have seen the Venue Override panel that has been shown on various trade shows.

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