Control Systems


4-universe solid-state architectural lighting controller


The most powerful CueCore ever made


Multi-protocol architectural lighting controller


GPIO interface module


Modern timecode toolbox

Purple Cloud

NEW! Remote Management


NEW! Wall-mount button panel


Personalise your touch-screen user-interface


Entry level lighting control software

Cuelux2 Interface

Redesigned interface for Cuelux

Cuety LPU1 + LPU2

1-Universe lighting controller for use with Cuety App


DIN rail 4 channel DMX Relay

DMX Merger

DIN rail DMX Merger


NEW! Dali to DMX interface

RDM DMX Splitter (Terminal)

DIN rail DMX/RDM splitter/booster

RDM DMX Splitter (RJ45)

DIN rail DMX/RDM splitter/booster

DMX Splitter (RJ45)

DIN rail DMX RJ45 splitter/booster


Rackmount B

19 inch adapter for B-Station2

Rackmount C

19 inch adapter for two Cores

Dali PWR

NEW! Dali Power supply


NEW! Din Rail Power Supply


Power Supply

Bopla TSH 35

DIN rail adaptor

System Integration

Q-SYS is a cloud-manageable, software-driven audio, video and control platform which enables an entire Partner Ecosystem. Q-SYS empowers with the tools, support and service to help confidently create impactful connections and memorable experiences. Visual Productions recently became Q-SYS Technology Partner

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Since its foundation in 1983, MA Lighting has expanded to become an international leader for computer-controlled lighting consoles and networking components. Generally, MA Lighting is considered the reference when it comes to show lighting control.

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The acclaimed Austrian AV technology manufacturer AV Stumpfl has been a legend in the AV industry for decades. They have been supplying the world with their famous projection screens featuring unequaled design and manufacturing precision. AV Stumpfl also launched the advanced Next Generation Media Server called Pixera System.
Pixera System boasts ultimate usability in processing, compositing and management of media

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