HDFury X4



HDfury X4 offers all the features and controls you need to solve the seemingly simple matter of getting your digital AV sources to display correctly, easily and affordably on either an Analog or Digital display.
Whatever the HDMI source, HDfury X4 is capable of scaling it up or down, deinterlacing it, and adjusting its aspect ratio to match the native resolution of your video display or computer monitor. Any display resolution up to 1920×1200 can be supported (or 1080p72).
If the input is 50Hz or 60Hz, you would be able to manually select either one on the output, perfect for customers who have USA TV’s in Europe or other way around(PAL/NTSC)
The HDfury X4 Scaler is ideal for adding digital connectivity and scaling to existing Analog or Digital AV systems.

Plug And Play

HDfury X4 allows you to view HDMI content from your PS4, X1, PS3, X360, Blu-ray player, satellite/cable or internet on all standard 50/60Hz or 100/120Hz displays with either Digital or Analog inputs or both at the same time!


Digital HDMI / DVI-D and/or VGA FEMALE output connector, 10 bit analog resolution.
HDCP supported (Integrated HDCP decipher engine, Pre-programmed HDCP key)
Horizontal shift capability for RGB output mode
Output horizontal and vertical sync polarity selector for RGB modes (dip switch)
Digital Output format: Either HDMI or DVI-D
11-bit 225MHz DAC processing (for true 10-bit analog output)
Two separate Internal EDID EEPROM with complete CEA861 extension block, Dip-switch selectable

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