TECHSHOP T1 Handheld Thermal Camera

Fast & non-contact fever screening
Advanced infrared technology
Body temperature measurement
Automatic snapshot and Alarm
Built in display and external PC display support
11hr Battery life
USB for non-stop 24×7 screening
Dual Mode – Hand held or Fixed tripod*
Tripod sold separately (TS-13347)


The T1 is an infrared heat seeking hand held tool that is helping businesses get back to work safely and easily.
Fast, non-contact fever screening, it’s the ideal device to protect you, your business & public health.
With advanced infrared technology, the T1 can help you avoid cross infection unlike traditional body temperature measurement tools.
T1 is designed with smart features like automatic snapshot, when detecting body temperature higher than 37.3℃,
a picture could be taken automatically and an alarm will be triggered.
With a ‘point and click’ operation, the T1 allows you to be up and running in no time.