TECHSHOP TPro Fever Screening System

Perfect for high traffic areas
Intelligent measuring algorithm
Over temperature alarm
Identity recognition
Quick installation and operating
Instantly scan moving objects and passers by
Recording and Searching functionality
Built in Nuk for external and network based monitoring
Tripod sold separately*
Tripod TS-13347
HDMI Screen not included*


The TPro fever screening system adopts infrared radiation measurement technique to measure body temperature by non-contact means.
Perfect for high flow traffic areas such as Airports, Shopping centres, Live events, Schools and sporting facilities. The Tpro allows for complete hands free operation and monitoring.
The Tpro ships with a Tpro infrared camera and Nuk PC allowing easy plug and play operation. Simply plug the Tpro infrared camera usb cable into the Tpro Nuk USB ports and then use your own HDMI monitor to instantly monitor passers by. The Tpro thermal imaging scans the area for temperatures in real time and reports back to a live viewing screen. Over temperatures trigger notifications including verbal alarm and on-screen graphics allowing staff to intervein and deal with potential risks.