ASK nano

Plug and Play wireless presentation


On The Go

Wireless screen sharing and projection has has never been so easy or compact. ASK nano brings the power and
performance of RGBlink ASK low latency and high fidelity to the nano form with HDMI sticks for both transmission and reception. Driver free as simple HDMI mirror or projected displays, ASK nano enables remote display of any laptop or portable wireless any where, any time.

Plug and play

Simply connect to HDMI port on laptop and
remote display to project and mirror. Driver free
and auto pairing, ASK nano is fast and simple to

Pocket Video Presentations

ASK nano allows any large or remote display to
become the presentation device. Exceptionally
small highly portable, connect ASK nano on
demand any time.

Wireless Displays Anywhere

Taking advantage of WiFi 5 (ac) and MIMO
technologies, ASK TX and RX devices pair
automatically while providing for casting and
mirroring from mobile devices also.
Connections are self-optomising for reliance
and stability

You Choose

Choose your set and add more transmitters as you go


1 x Receiver | 2 x Transmitters


1 x Receiver | 1 x Transmitters


●  Up to 40m between laptop and connected display
●  Self-powered on most laptops
●  Compact and discrete
●  Plug-and-Play – no drivers required
●  Support for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android screen sharing
●  Low latency
● ASK nano support audio transmission (HDMI embedded)

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ASK nano Manual
ASK nano Datasheet
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