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Locking B-Station2 buttons

When using Visual Productions’ B-Station2 in public spaces, a good option is to be able to lock and unlock buttons in order to prevent from unauthorised operation. With below description and an example show file we have created ‘panel lock’ or ’(de)activate buttons’ functionality in B-Station 2.


The Binary Trigger Type

Essential is understanding the Binary Trigger Type. This trigger is generated when more than one button is pressed simultaneously. In Binary mode, each button represents a value: button 1 has value 1, button 2 has value 2, button 3 has value 4, button 4 has value 8, etc. When pressing buttons 1+2+3 at the same time, a Trigger Value of 1+2+4=7 is generated. 


If the Binary Trigger Value is set to 7 and these buttons are pressed, the corresponding task will be performed. Another example: pressing buttons 5+6 as the secret combination generates a binary trigger of 16+32=48. Set the Trigger to Binary, add Trigger Value 48 and program your preferred task. Any combination and any number of buttons may be pressed and used as a ‘secret combination’.

Enabling/disabling Action Lists

Now in Show Control we can enable or disable Actions Lists, such as the Button Action List. Disabling the Button Action List with a secret combination is not a good idea however. You will disable (lock) the buttons, yet unlocking is impossible because the Button Action List is disabled and the buttons will not respond…  


So here the ‘regular’ button actions and tasks are programmed in User List 1, not in the Button Action List. In the Button Action List, the Lock+Unlock Action (‘secret combination’) switches User List 1 on/off, and relays button presses to their equivalents in User List 1. The Action List acts as a trigger, switching the LED rings on/off, as an indicator showing buttons are active or inactive. In the Button Action List the ’secret’ binary trigger is processed and the regular button 1-6 presses are linked to the actual tasks in UserList 1.

Various Tasks

In this example we use the secret combination to lock and unlock the buttons. Of course the Binary Trigger Type may be used for any other Task, such as switching off mood lighting and switching on utility lights for cleaning, etc. Binary Trigger may also be used with CueCore2IoCore2 and the new DaliCore: closing a number of GPI contacts at the same time will generate the binary trigger.

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